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First Sunday in June!

June 5th, 2005 at 02:07 pm

It's been really warm here already. Frown A/c is still set at 79 though - good sign! The kids are really enjoying the pool. Had to use the dryer a little today to get all the laundry finished.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. We have a pass - so it will only cost lunch and gas down there. I am going to pick up a few things to pack for lunch tomorrow - to keep it frugal.

Gonna get the family to help pitch in a do a *major* cleaning tonight before we settle down for TV. They don't know yet, but I am sure if they really want to go tomorrow - they will help me! Smile

I will be interviewing with a company to do work on my computer online sometime this week. Once I finish the training I start getting paid - the training is just reading and testing our knowledge. I am confident that I will be working at this company by the 15th of june.

Went to get my dd tonight from a friends house and found 3 coushins that go on a swing that we have. Our's are ripping - the ones being thrown out were just dirty. So we grabbed them and will clean them up tonight! WOOHOO!! I thought about recovering ours - which would of cost me between $30 and $40 so this was great!

Will be putting an ad in the free paper for our 10cubic freezer - it's too big for us - even with our bigger family. Plus it sucks up more electricity than we are willing to pay for. Thinking I could probably get $75 to $100 for it. Will add it to our EF. I set a goal to get $1000 in there by Sept 1. It will really be a challenge right now with school coming up and all the needs that go along with that.

Decided to start sewing up baby cloth diapers again - I will list some on ebay in the next week or so, hopefully. I decided I would even take orders for them which I did a few years ago and actually stopped doing them because I had too many orders I couldn't keep up with. I am really hoping to teach my dd how to do some of this - and pay her also. Smile

Looking for lots of ways to save cash or make it. So far with the budget I am right now on target - haven't spent anything yet that I hadn't budgeted for. I don't want to have to redo it so I am making do with what it says.

We recently bought a new car - and have a payment for it. Well the payment date isn't really good - they offered to change it for $25 if we'd like - still debating on that. It may save me $$ later on though. First of the month is hard on having all the bills come out of it. But DON'T want to pay the fee either.

2 Responses to “First Sunday in June!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Tammy,

    Rather than paying the $25 to change that bill's date, why don't you try calling some of the other companies whose bills are due on the 1st and ask them to switch to a better date? I've never tried this, but I can't imagine that all of the companies would charge a fee. Good luck...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great idea!! Thanks - will try that this week.

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