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First Sunday in June!

June 5th, 2005 at 02:07 pm

It's been really warm here already. Frown A/c is still set at 79 though - good sign! The kids are really enjoying the pool. Had to use the dryer a little today to get all the laundry finished.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. We have a pass - so it will only cost lunch and gas down there. I am going to pick up a few things to pack for lunch tomorrow - to keep it frugal.

Gonna get the family to help pitch in a do a *major* cleaning tonight before we settle down for TV. They don't know yet, but I am sure if they really want to go tomorrow - they will help me! Smile

I will be interviewing with a company to do work on my computer online sometime this week. Once I finish the training I start getting paid - the training is just reading and testing our knowledge. I am confident that I will be working at this company by the 15th of june.

Went to get my dd tonight from a friends house and found 3 coushins that go on a swing that we have. Our's are ripping - the ones being thrown out were just dirty. So we grabbed them and will clean them up tonight! WOOHOO!! I thought about recovering ours - which would of cost me between $30 and $40 so this was great!

Will be putting an ad in the free paper for our 10cubic freezer - it's too big for us - even with our bigger family. Plus it sucks up more electricity than we are willing to pay for. Thinking I could probably get $75 to $100 for it. Will add it to our EF. I set a goal to get $1000 in there by Sept 1. It will really be a challenge right now with school coming up and all the needs that go along with that.

Decided to start sewing up baby cloth diapers again - I will list some on ebay in the next week or so, hopefully. I decided I would even take orders for them which I did a few years ago and actually stopped doing them because I had too many orders I couldn't keep up with. I am really hoping to teach my dd how to do some of this - and pay her also. Smile

Looking for lots of ways to save cash or make it. So far with the budget I am right now on target - haven't spent anything yet that I hadn't budgeted for. I don't want to have to redo it so I am making do with what it says.

We recently bought a new car - and have a payment for it. Well the payment date isn't really good - they offered to change it for $25 if we'd like - still debating on that. It may save me $$ later on though. First of the month is hard on having all the bills come out of it. But DON'T want to pay the fee either.

Rainy Saturday

June 4th, 2005 at 06:41 am

Today it's already rainy - 70% chance all day. Frown
Have one load of laundry in the wash - will hang on the racks when it's done.
Will have at least 1 more - may have to put that in the dryer. Frown
A/c is set at 79 degrees and so far no one has complained! Smile

Need to clean the pool out if it stops raining and run the filter.
Need a couple items from the store - normally I would just run to walmart - but some of the items can be gotten at the $ store which is near walmart for only $1. So I will go there first and whatever isn't on my list - probably just dog food - then I will hit walmart.

Making baked ziti for dinner tonight, maybe some homemade bread also.

Got an email for a work at home job this morning - should have an interview next week. YEAH!! Found out last night my job and others at the company I work for may be given to new employees when the new owner takes over. Not sure it will actually happen, but want to be prepared. I am excited about the wah job as I know someone in real life that works for this company and really get's paid - you just never know with online stuff. KWIM? This would work so much better for our family anyways than me going full time somewhere. Smile

Well lots of cleaning to do today, since I have been so busy all week. Have a great weekend!!

Zero budget for june.......

June 2nd, 2005 at 05:08 am

Got the zero based budget for june done. WOOHOO!!! I am so glad as it was starting to get on my nerves! LOL
Will pay the car payment and lights today or tomorrow online.

I spent 209.43 for groceries for the first 2 weeks of june. I made a grocery list and went through the pantry/freezer and that's all I needed to get.

Need to get the cars registered next week sometime to a tune of 118.30

Also will be taking a vacation - just overnight for dh and I. I am budgeting $150 for the motel room and eating out next weekend. We will be going to a baseball game also - already bought and paid for the tickets for that. The motel I got offline for $55 which is great for the area we are going to. I don't think we will need $95 for food - so the rest will go into savings as soon as we get back.

Opened an ing account. That will start our big EF. Anyone wanting a referral just email me at tammysemail@tampabay.rr.com You will get $25 for opening the account. Just put ing referral in the subject line.

Other than that, nothing much new. Smile Have a great day!

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