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Rainy Saturday

June 4th, 2005 at 06:41 am

Today it's already rainy - 70% chance all day. Frown
Have one load of laundry in the wash - will hang on the racks when it's done.
Will have at least 1 more - may have to put that in the dryer. Frown
A/c is set at 79 degrees and so far no one has complained! Smile

Need to clean the pool out if it stops raining and run the filter.
Need a couple items from the store - normally I would just run to walmart - but some of the items can be gotten at the $ store which is near walmart for only $1. So I will go there first and whatever isn't on my list - probably just dog food - then I will hit walmart.

Making baked ziti for dinner tonight, maybe some homemade bread also.

Got an email for a work at home job this morning - should have an interview next week. YEAH!! Found out last night my job and others at the company I work for may be given to new employees when the new owner takes over. Not sure it will actually happen, but want to be prepared. I am excited about the wah job as I know someone in real life that works for this company and really get's paid - you just never know with online stuff. KWIM? This would work so much better for our family anyways than me going full time somewhere. Smile

Well lots of cleaning to do today, since I have been so busy all week. Have a great weekend!!

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