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Zero budget for june.......

June 2nd, 2005 at 05:08 am

Got the zero based budget for june done. WOOHOO!!! I am so glad as it was starting to get on my nerves! LOL
Will pay the car payment and lights today or tomorrow online.

I spent 209.43 for groceries for the first 2 weeks of june. I made a grocery list and went through the pantry/freezer and that's all I needed to get.

Need to get the cars registered next week sometime to a tune of 118.30

Also will be taking a vacation - just overnight for dh and I. I am budgeting $150 for the motel room and eating out next weekend. We will be going to a baseball game also - already bought and paid for the tickets for that. The motel I got offline for $55 which is great for the area we are going to. I don't think we will need $95 for food - so the rest will go into savings as soon as we get back.

Opened an ing account. That will start our big EF. Anyone wanting a referral just email me at tammysemail@tampabay.rr.com You will get $25 for opening the account. Just put ing referral in the subject line.

Other than that, nothing much new. Smile Have a great day!

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