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Wonderful Wednesday!!!!

May 18th, 2005 at 05:21 am

What a gorgous day out so far - of course it's gonna be a hot one. Smile Today is Kindegarten graduation - I will work for a few hours tonight and get off about 45 minutes before it - so I can go. Smile

This morning I need to go and get M some pants - he's outgrown all of his and a tie (he wants to really dress up LOL) also need to get a battery for the cameracorder. Pick up some cheese for dinner. Shouldn't be a huge spending day. Yeah!

The house is still clean, only one load of laundry to do today - it's in the wash now. Smile Dson's uniform was in there or I wouldn't of even washed today.

Started working on the budget last night - will continue on with that today.
Also want to freshen up my resume some - and get it faxed to a few places. Smile

Have a great day!

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