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Terrific Tuesday

May 17th, 2005 at 05:17 am

Good Morning! Smile
Today's been pretty good so far - I disputed some things on my credit report and they are now gone! Smile Yeah!

Need to start working on a grocery list for the next 2 weeks. Seeing what I can use from the freezer/pantry to stretch the bill.

Went on a weekend trip that normally would of cost us $50 to $60 JUST in gas - only cost $20 in 2 small cars versus the suburban - Defiitely the right choice for our family.

Need to work on the budget for the next 2 weeks. With a car payment now, I am really trying to figure out how to pay it off sooner. Smile Haven't even made the first payment and I am already seeing how it can be paid off in 2 years versus 4. We are gonna *try* and pay it off in 1 year! Let's see what happens.

Need to clip a ton of coupons - I have the past 2 sunday's to clip out.

Washing all laundry in cold water - using the dryer some today as I have to work.

Gotta scoot and take the kids to school. Smile

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