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lots done today!!!

May 17th, 2005 at 07:49 pm

Got lots accomplished today!! All the laundry is done - last load in the dryer - will have to fold tomorrow morning.
Worked from 3 to 8 pm tonight - so made some $$ there.
Got a check for $32.xx for a medical bill we already made payment to - this was the insurance share.
Disputed a few more things on my credit report - want to make it nice and clean. Smile
House is cleaned.

Need to work on grocery list - but I have no idea what I did with the grocery ad today. Frown Also will need to rid the frig of leftovers tomorrow.
Need to work on the budget - got paid today and need to spend some $$ tomorrow but don't want to overspend. KWIM? Will be tracking all spending *very* carefully in June - I have kinda slacked off on that.

Still looking for a full time job - I like my job - just need more hours and can't get them there. Actually the place I work for is for sale so it's also very stressful right now! Frown

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