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kwh for late feb/march

March 15th, 2005 at 06:47 am

I set a goal with the last electric bill that I wanted to use no more than 50 kwh this time. I am at 49.38 Smile Ok so I am coming in close. But I have met the goal!! There are 2 days left in the billing cycle and I will be at 1500 or a little under!

This *could* of been lower, but because of rain I had to run the dryer more than I planned. Now that I started working I figure it is costing me about $25 to dry clothes for the month - I will be making a little over $800 so I have decided to continue to use the dryer. This way I can make sure the laundry get's finished daily and it's done and put away in a couple hours.

I will continue to watch all the other ways to save kwh. We still have not turned the a/c on yet this year!! WOOHOO!! Even though last night I wanted to! It's was 80 in here when I got home from work. Frown But I opened the windows and had the ceiling fans going. Smile Cooled down pretty quick actually. I *know* once we start using the a/c I am looking at adding another 25 to 30 kwh- or close to $60!!!

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